Usamos at:

  • Para hablar de horas o momentos exactos:

I usually get up at eight o´clock

I´ll meet you at 12:30

Phone me at lunch time

  • En las expresiones at night y at what time (aunque en este último caso se puede omitir at).

We´ll meet at night

At what time does your train leave?

What time does your train leave?

  • Para hablar de fines de semana y festivos:

Are you going away at Easter?

What did you do at the weekend?

Usamos in:

  • Para hablar de partes del día:

I work best in the morning

Three o´clock in the afternoon

We usually go out in the evening

  • Para hablar de periodos superiores a un día:

It happened in the week after Christmas

I was born in April

Avila is beautiful in spring

He died in 1616

Our house was built in the 15th Century

Usamos on:

  • Para hablar de días:

I´ll phone you on Tuesday

My birthday is on March 21st

They are having a party on Christmas day

We usually go to see our grandparents on Sundays